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Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum | Aviation Explorers: Helping Kids Reach The Sky
Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum
961 West Alondra Blvd. Compton,CA 90220
(310) 618-1155 | (877)999-2099
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Aviation Explorers

The Aviation Explorers Program

Creating Futures 1 Pilot At A Time.

Aviation Explorers is Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum’s elite group of young pilots. These youngsters have earned an opportunity to become a pilot being rewarded for their hard work, commitment, and attendance to the museum’s After School Programs. These young pilots learn to fly at the same flight school, Aero Squad, where grown-ups receive flight instruction.

7 World Records In Aviation.

In only a few years, 4 Aviation Explorers have set 7 World Records. These world record young pilots such as Jonathan Strickland, Breean Farfan, Jimmy Haywood,
and Kenny Roy have demonstrated the positive results of the Life-Changing programs offered by Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum. Additionally, with the help of The Tuskegee Airmen they have been able to stay focused and inspired.

We Teach Kids To Fly… For Free.

Aviation Explorers is an after school program which is not only supported by recycled profits from the Aero Squad flight training school for grown-ups, but primarily funded by the help of the Aviation Angels. This coalition of financially committed supporters help TAM lobby for more funding of youth aviation programs in Washington D.C. To join the Aviation Angels or for more information regarding how you can make a difference and become a part of history, click here.

All proceeds from the Aviation Angels and Aero Squad provide scholarships to select K-12 grade school students, providing them with flight training, focused mentoring, and determination “Realize Their Dreams”.

Recognized & Accepted by School Districts

Our program is widely accepted by school districts, including Compton Unified School District, Los Angeles County Office of Education and is under review by several others to provide:

  • After school and weekend tutorial services
    for school students
  • Applied Math and Science in Aeronautics
  • Computer Lab and Educational Internet Access
  • Work Ethics and Career Awareness
  • Civic and Personal Duty Readiness
  • Early Teen Living Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Women Studies

We Get Kids Off The Streets.

This is more than a flight school; it’s a concept and a solution. The perfect win-win situation. This school is the foundation of a program that addresses a nationwide problem that affects all children in all communities, the lack of after school activities, mentorship, positive role models, and funding for pilot training. Studies have shown that the highest percentages of juvenile crimes occur between the hours from 3-6 p.m.

We train the children in our program not just about all the different aspects of aviation and provide an opportunity they never dreamed possible, but about skill sets which they can use in any career and for the rest of their lives.

We Have “Rock Star” Support.

Not only is the Aviation Explorers supported by the Aviation Angels but our program is endorsed by Randy Jackson from the “Jackson 5,” Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn, Compton Mayor Eric J. Perrodin, CUSD President Rev. Isadore Hall III, Los Angeles Police Department Former Chief Bernard Parks, Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, U.S. Space & Rocket Center, all branches of the Military, Tuskegee Airmen L.A. Chapter, American Airports Corp., Santa Monica Museum of Flying, PW Trucking, Los Angeles Lakers, Musty Putters, WalMart, Sikorsky Aircraft Company’s Sergei Sikorsky, Congresswoman Juanita Mc Donald, Romeo & Dejai (KDAY), Home Depot, J.P. Morgan, Washington Mutual, Beach City Computer, South Bay Adventist Church, Grants Performance, Surviving In Recovery, many celebrities, hundreds of teachers, thousands of students in the community, politicians & more more. To become a supporter click here.

We Are The Next Generation In Aviation.

Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum is the #1 solution to helping young kids fly. With a consistent track record of positively altering the lives of young pilots, providing them with a opportunity to accomplish life’s goals at an early age, Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum is already making a huge impact in the aviation industry. Since inception in 2000, TAM has received many awards and been recognized by various mass media outlets, publications, and organizations. Amongst the many awards, the most celebrated is Resolution 532 passed in 2006 by The Congress of The United States Of America validating the humanitarian efforts of Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum. For a complete list of Awards & Resolutions, click here.

Bring The Aviation Explorers To Your Community!

Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum is currently planning to expand into locations nationwide. The best way to bring Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum to your city or county is to become part of the Aviation Angels coalition which will allow TAM to lobby for more funding, secure grants, and other subsidized financial instruments which will allow for expanding into different locations. Help support youth aviation programs and get your community involved today.