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Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum | The Professional Collegiate Pilot Training Program
Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum
961 West Alondra Blvd. Compton,CA 90220
(310) 618-1155 | (877)999-2099
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Career Achievement Program
This program is designed for those who are serious about a career in aviation, by choosing this program you will receive all the training, qualifications, and job placement to get you flying for the airlines. You will be able to do on-line courses to get a college degree while you do your flight training here, either full or part-time. This course of training is eligible for all of the scholastic financing, in fact you can get a loan for $80,000.00 for your training at 4.57% and you can defer your payments up to five and a half years.

We can coordinate a Career Achievement Program schedule for you that will enable you to get the loan, complete the flight training, build the required time (you can even get paid $25.00/hour as a flight instructor or $50.00/hour as our SightSeeing Pilot), get a job flying right seat in a commuter airline, upgrade to Captain (including a type rating & pay increase), and a job flying the Jumbo Jets with a major airline. All this before your first payment on your training loan is due.

If College education is not a goal in your quest to be a Professional Pilot, you can get the Salle Mae loan to finance your training without college courses, you can still differ your payments, complete the training, start working and live the life.

Helping You Reach The Sky
After completing our program you will possess;

1. Private Pilot Single Engine Land Certificate
2. Instrument rating
3. Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land Certificate
4. Private Pilot Multi Engine Certificate
5. Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Certificate
6. Certified Flight Instructor Airplane
7. Certified Flight Instructor Instrument
8. Multi Engine Instrument Instructor

About The Program

350 total time, including 75 Multi Engine, High performance endorsement, Complex endorsement, Aerobatic spin training

All of this for $77,900.00.

In addition to this you can build multi time in our twin. We offer 50 hour blocks for $8,750.00.

We also offer a Turbine Transition consisting of 50hrs S.I.C. in a LearJet 25B including ground school & high altitude sign off above 18,000 M.S.L. for only $7,600.00.

Once you have about 325 hours multi time after completing our course, we will be able to place you with a regional airline.

It’s Your Future

The Aviation Industry was dealt a severe blow on September 11, 2001. However, Aviation rebounded quickly and airlines, corporate aviation, and the military are hiring pilots.

More people are flying on regional jets and in corporate aviation, creating tens of thousands of new pilot jobs.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, "The Aviation industry is expected to more than double within the next 15 years."

Now is the best time to position yourself for a rewarding career in the field of aviation.

Imagine the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Prepare to fly!

-Utah Valley State College